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Our Unique marketing System
Turner Marketing works with local business owners just like you to improve how you promote your business to both existing clients and new prospects.

No business owner likes to spend money on marketing and then find it doesn’t bring the expected level of new business. It feels painful and it’s easy to then think marketing doesn’t work.

We speak to many business owners who are unimpressed with how much business they get from their website, brochures, tradeshows, direct mail and email marketing… or they’re worried that their business isn’t doing enough with social media or video marketing.

Do you recognise any of these statements?

  • Our website looks great but doesn’t seem to generate any business
  • We’re struggling to build a big enough mailing list
  • We generate leads at tradeshows but we’re poor at following them up
  • We do advertising and campaigns but they don’t make the phone ring
  • I’m told we should be on YouTube and Facebook but why? And how?

This is exactly what we help you with. Unless your web designers are marketing experts, your website will never bring you any new business. Likewise with email or postal campaigns. You need specialist marketing expertise that will turn your marketing from a ‘cost’ into an ‘investment’ – one that brings in more money than it costs.

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Turner Marketing helps you design and implement marketing strategies and campaigns that follow our 5 stage Business Growth Bridge system so that your marketing budget BRINGS IN MORE BUSINESS!



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